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Número telefónico del negocio: 386-3393
International Marine Experts
Address: Bldg. 0750-D WIliamson Place La Boca
Panama City, Rep. of Panama
Descripción corta del negocio: IME is a diversified marine service company dedicated to serve the leading companies of the maritime industry. We are an organization comprised of highly qualified and experienced marine engineers committed to serve the local and international markets with the highest standards.
Sitio web del negocio: http://www.ime.com.pa
Número telefónico del negocio: 314-1756
McLarens Panamá, S.A.
Address: Calle 50 y 68 San Francisco, PH Torre 50, Piso 4, Panamá. Rep. de Panamá
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Ajuste de pérdidas para casos de transporte, casco, maquinaria de barcos y riesgos diversos.
Avalúos de naves.
Inspecciones de averías de carga y casco.
Inspección de pre-embarque, descarga, destrucción y custodia de carga.
Investigaciones en general.
Servicios de recobro.
Inspecciones de riesgo.
Programas de prevención de pérdidas.
Mobile: 6998-5735,  6948-9856, 6677-2552

Número telefónico del negocio: (507) 202-2222
National Shipping Adjuster, INC.
Address: Ancon, Balboa, Julio Linares Avenue, 795-A Building,
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Our Goal is to offer a reliable, flexible and cost effective service, without compromising our great concern dedicated to ensuring the safety of life at sea, and the prevention of pollution of the marine environment. For the above mentioned, our company operates under ISO-9001-2008, in compliance with IMO standards, National and International Regulations, these are a guaranty to offer a quality service.

Sitio web del negocio: http://www.nashapanama.com
Número telefónico del negocio: (507) 314-1934 / 314-1935
Address: 10-A, 8th Floor, St. George Bank Building, Calle 50 y 53, Obarrio, Panama
P.O.Box 0832-01079, World Trade Center, Panama
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Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, known as ClassNK or NK, is a ship classification society. The Society is actively engaged in a growing range of ship related activities and services aimed at contributing to promoting the protection of human life and property at sea as well as protection of the marine environment.

Número telefónico del negocio: +507-264-5438,+507-264-5735
Puerto de Crucero Colon 2000
Address: Paseo Gorgas, Calle #9,
Sitio web del negocio: http://www.portcolon2000.com
Número telefónico del negocio: 439-0354
Address: Calle 50 y Nicanor Obarrio, Edificio 49
Apdo. 0832-01235 Panamá,
República de Panamá
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SpecHub ofrece una extensa gama de servicios de inspecciones y servicios de análisis para la Industria marítima.

Sitio web del negocio: http://www.spechub.com/empresa.php
Número telefónico del negocio: (507) 302-0250
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Inspectores de Averías de Pre-Embarques Ajustadores y Control de pérdida

Número telefónico del negocio: (507) 263-7566