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Interoceanic Supply Services
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Interoceanic Supply Services is a Panamanian bunkering company dedicated to providing fuel delivery services efficiently. Both our administrative headquarters and operations are based in the Republic of Panama, Central America.

With Panama Canal being the most important conduit of international maritime trade, due to its geographic advantage, it opens innumerable opportunities to clients and operators.

Based on this invaluable asset, I.S.S. operations are strategically positioned at each end of the Panama Canal, allowing us to supply fuel to clients in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Since its foundation in 2007, Interoceanic Supply Services has grown into one of Panama’s most prestigious bunkering companies.

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Número telefónico del negocio: (507) 2757550 / (507) 2757599
Address: Av. Central Cl. 16

Colón, Panamá
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With our fully skilled and internationally trained workforce, state of the art workshops and work boats, Talleres Industriales has become one-stop-shop for all type of afloat and underwater inspections and repairs on both sides of the Panama Canal. We attend an average of 800 to 1000 ships annually on 24/7 basis.

Número telefónico del negocio: +(507) 433-9500
VT Shipping International Inc.
Address: Avenida Balboa, calle 40, edificio Balboa Point, Piso 5to. Ciudad de panamá
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VT Shipping International es una subsidiaria de VT Group, ubicada en la Avenida Balboa en el centro de la Ciudad de Panamá. VT Shipping International tuvo sus inicios en Panamá al ser lanzadas una serie de barcazas de doble casco con tecnología de punta, para brindar servicio de abastecimiento en ambos lados del Canal de Panamá, Atlántico y Pacifico, en el 2009.

Número telefónico del negocio: +507 225-9271 / +507 62287010