Arias, Fabrega & Fabrega
Address: ARIFA Building, 10th Floor, West Boulevard
Santa Maria Business District
P.O. Box 0816-01098
Panama, Republic of Panama
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Arias, Fábrega & Fábrega has been at the forefront of the legal profession in Panama, advising leading international financial institutions and multinational corporations, as well as some of the largest domestic companies, for over 100 years.
Its legal practice includes over 30 areas of law, organized into 14 practice groups, including capital markets, banking and finance, mergers and acquisitions, corporations, regulatory work, government contracts, trade, competition and antitrust, real estate, environmental matters, employment relations, trust and estate planning, litigation, taxation and intellectual property.

The firm also has a strong offshore practice, for which affiliated and fully integrated trust and company agent offices in London, Hong Kong, The British Virgin Islands, Uruguay and Belize. Under its brand name ARIFA Corporate Services, ARIFA offers clients a complete list of offshore solutions, including company formation and management services, as well as trust and foundation services. For selected clients, ARIFA offers more sophisticated estate and family financial planning services, as well as trustee services, through its affiliate SwissARIFA.

The firm has a distinguished reputation for consistently providing the highest quality legal advice and is highly recognized for its unparalleled expertise in structuring complex, innovative and sophisticated mergers and acquisitions, capital market and financial transactions in Panama and the Latin America region.

ARIFA’s success is the result of the superior quality of its lawyers, many of them educated in leading law schools in the United States and Europe or trained in law firms in New York. This unique background of its legal teams enables the firm to act as a bridge between legal and business cultures and to provide effective legal services to clients, particularly in challenging cross-border transactions.

Not surprisingly, the firm and many of its lawyers are regularly top-ranked by the leading international legal publications, including Chambers & Partners, Legal 500, IFLR1000, Who’s Who Legal, and Latin Lawyer 250.

ARIFA lawyers hold themselves to the highest professional and ethical standards. This is the main reason why their clients regularly entrust their most difficult and sensitive matters to them.

On-going investments in state-of-the-art law office systems and the support of professional managers and highly trained personnel enable the firm to offer the most efficient and competitive services to clients.

ARIFA members take pride in their organization and, with the support of their lawyers, personnel and clients, expect to continue focusing on what they have known to do best for over a century: protect their clients’ interests with excellence and integrity.
+507 205 7000
Arosemena Noriega & Contreras
Address: Tower Financial Center, Piso 16 | Calle 50 y Elvira Méndez | Panamá, República de Panamá.
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AROSEMENA NORIEGA & CONTRERAS (ANORCO) es una de las firmas de abogados de mayor reputación en la República de Panamá dedicada a la práctica legal general desde sus inicios. ANORCO trabaja con los más altos estándares de lealtad, ética y respeto, respaldados por más de 48 años de experiencia sirviendo a clientes locales y extranjeros. Nuestra red internacional garantiza la eficiencia y rentabilidad en el manejo de sus proyectos en cualquier parte del mundo.

Celular: 507-366-8400
Address: Calle 55 El Cangrejo, Edificio Carpit,No. 225
Ciudad de Panamá, República de Panamá
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Carreira Pitti P.C. Abogados es una firma forense establecida en la República de Panamá. Desde nuestra fundación, hemos representado los intereses de compañías internacionales vinculadas con la industria marítima. A lo largo de los años nuestra práctica ha divergido en diversas áreas del ejercicio del derecho. Somos un equipo de abogados especializados dentro los programas académicos de leyes más destacados a nivel mundial. Nos interesa concebir a nuestro equipo como procuradores estratégicos, analíticos y competentes. La asesoría legal brindada está enmarcada dentro de nuestra política interna de “asesoramiento integral”, lo que le garantiza a nuestros clientes que sus necesidades serán satisfechas simultáneamente. Luego de 22 años de apertura, nuestras oficinas sigue brindando servicios legales de calidad a la comunidad internacional.
(507) 269-2444
De Castro & Robles
Address: 7th Floor of the Scotia Plaza Building
Federico Boyd Avenue and 51 Street
Phone: +507 263.6622
Fax: +507 263.6594
Email: [email protected]
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Nuestra firma fue fundada en 1956 por Woodrow de Castro (RIP) y David Robles (RIP). Durante sus primeros 20 años, la empresa practica activamente ante un Tribunal de Distrito de Estados Unidos situada en la zona del canal, que tiende a controversias marítimas. Anticipándose a la separación de la Corte de Distrito, Woodrow De Castro, y David Robles se nombró a la comisión presidencial que creó el Código de Procedimiento Marítima de Panamá (Ley 8 de 1982) y el Tribunal Marítimo de Panamá. Muchos años más tarde, otro socio de la firma, Alberto López Tom, participaría en la comisión que actualiza dicha ley.
+507 263.6622
Icaza, González-Ruiz & Alemán
Address: Calle Aquilino de la Guardia N°8, Edificio IGRA, 5to Piso.
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ICAZA, GONZALEZ-RUIZ & ALEMAN, fundada en el año 1920 bajo el nombre de LOMBARDI E ICAZA. Sus fundadores se encuentran entre los juristas pioneros que contribuyeron a la creación de la estructura legal de nuestro país. La firma crece desde ese entonces con el centro de servicios internacionales de Panamá, la cual se ha ido desarrollando hasta llegar a convertirlo en el centro financiero internacional que es hoy.

ICAZA, GONZALEZ-RUIZ & ALEMAN was founded in 1920 under the name of LOMBARDI E ICAZA. Among the founders and partners of the firm can be encountered some of the pioneers who contributed to the creation of the legal structure of the country. Our firm has since been evolving and expanding alongside the international services center of Panama that it is today.
(507) 205-6000
Mendoza. Arias, Valle y Castillo
Address: 909 Building, 10th floor, 50th Street and 74th East, San Francisco, Panama, Republic of Panama
0830-01390, Panama, Republic of Panama
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Mendoza, Arias, Valle & Castillo and its team of lawyers and professionals have a track record of commitment, dedication to excellence and expertise in wide ranging areas of practice, such as corporate, labor, commercial, real estate, maritime, immigration, intellectual property and private interest foundations, in addition to a specialized team for matters of judicial litigation, which has firmly established our Law Firm as one of the most successful and highly respected in Panama. The expertise and commitment of the members of Mendoza, Arias, Valle & Castillo are matched only by their teamwork, dynamism, and keenness to keep abreast of the ever changing needs of their clients, as new fields emerge and business priorities evolve in a rapidly changing world.
(507) 270-7840 // Lic. Jaime Ricardo Arias: (507) 6673-0001 Lic. Agustin Ricardo Gonzalez: (507) 6677-6921
Address: MMG Tower, 23rd Floor
Ave. Paseo del Mar, Costa del Este
Panama City Rep. of Panama
PO Box 0832 00232 WTC
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Morgan & Morgan is a full service Panamanian law firm, regularly assisting local and foreign corporations from different industries, as well as recognized financial institutions and government institutions, in important investments in Panama and the region. The firm is a member of the Morgan & Morgan Group, an extensive network of legal, fiduciary and financial services with operations in America, Asia, and Europe.

Of particular note is our continuous advice for clients involved in all stages of the development of important projects related to energy, banking, water supply, real estate, oil, mining, infrastructure, insurance, retail, ports and transportation, among others.

The growth of Panamanian economy and the fact that Panama has become an important regional investment center, has required that Morgan & Morgan´s attorneys acquire considerable experience in multidisciplinary practices covering the entire spectrum of the needs of our clients when doing business in Panama.
Alfaro, Ferrer & Ramírez
Address: Avenida Samuel Lewis, P.H. Edificio AFRA, Calle 54 Este, Panamá
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El bufete de abogados Alfaro, Ferrer & Ramírez ofrece una cartera de servicios a un grupo diverso de clientes locales y globales:
• Antimonopolio y Protección al Consumidor
• Banca y Finanzas
• Mercados de Capital y Valores
• Ambiente
• Energía y Telecomunicaciones
• Planificación Patrimonial y Fideicomisos
• Migración
• Seguros y Reaseguros
• Propiedad Intelectual
• Derecho Laboral
• Resolución de Conflictos
• Fusiones y Adquisiciones
• Contratación Pública
• Bienes Raíces y Hospitalidad
• Normativa y Cumplimiento
• Impuestos
• Derecho Comercial
• Litigios y Arbitraje
• Contratos Públicos y Gubernamentales
263-9355 – 263-7214
Address: Diablo Heights 5743
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Address: Calle Eloy Alfaro y Cl. 8, San Felipe, Casa Eusebio A. Morales, P.2.
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