The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee focuses on the positive impact that companies must achieve to care for the environment, the working conditions of their workers, and support for humanitarian causes.


Coordinator: Wendy Sagel


Meet the Maritime Industry

The commission resumes the #ConoceLaIndustriaMarítima project, which seeks to highlight the importance of each cluster that makes up the maritime, logistics, and port industry in Panama through the members of the Maritime Chamber of Panama.

Shipping Agencies


Shipping Lines


Skin cancer prevention project

The commission seeks to create an impact in the Marítime municipality of Taboga regarding the prevention of this disease through the delivery of educational teaching books published by Fundacáncer.




Taller “Cambia y potencia tu conversación interna”

abril 29 de 2021


Tarde de Té a beneficio de Fundacáncer

octubre 15 de 2020


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    Phone: (507) 360-2165

    Email: [email protected]

    A.V.E Miguel Brostella, C.C Camino de Cruces, Oficina 601

    About us

    The Maritime Chamber of Panama is the benchmark of the Maritime and Logistics Industry of the Republic of Panama.

    Code of Ethics
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